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Help students bridge the gap between home and school with our affordable, all-in-one, take home reading solution.

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Shop Take Home Reading & Literacy Packs by Grade Level

Each Take Home Pack contains mostly fiction books with a few nonfiction books in the mix. Click a grade below to view the variety of leveled options for each grade.

Reading should extend beyond the classroom.
Our PreK-6 Take Home Reading & Literacy Packs are great for:

Bridging the gap between school and home

Bridging the gap between school & home

Students can practice literacy skills learned at school to improve reading comprehension and critical thinking skills while at home.

Remote and hybrid learning

Remote & hybrid learning

Send packs home for total or partial remote learning.

Classroom checkout using Booksource Classroom

Classroom checkout using Booksource Classroom™

Books won’t get lost between home and school with our simple inventory system.

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Title I programs

Title I programs

Use your Title I funding to drive improved results for students with our take home English and Spanish workbook.

Intervention or enrichment

Intervention or enrichment

Help readers who need additional support as well as those who will benefit from extended activities.

Before and after school programs

Before & after school programs

Keep students engaged during extended day.

Substitute teacher plans

Substitute teacher plans

Last minute teacher absence? Use the workbooks in the classroom with your books.

Booksource’s Take Home Reading & Literacy Packs are the Best Solution for Your School

Save Time!

Our Take Home Packs are ready to distribute to students right out of the box – simply grab and go!

Save Money!

Our affordable option costs around $25 per pack and includes 4 to 5 books and a comprehensive workbook in English and Spanish.

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Comprehensive Workbook!

  • Wide variety of activities including one set of worksheets for each book, creative activities, discussion questions for beginner, intermediate and advanced readers
  • English and Spanish in one workbook arranged in a flipbook design so English starts at the front of one side and Spanish starts at the front of the other side
  • Focuses on reading comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Includes clear instructions for parents/families that are easy to follow
  • May be purchased on its own: Workbook & Bags Only

Engaging Books!

  • High interest, fun books for read alouds and independent reading
  • Books are mostly fiction with a few nonfiction books in the mix
  • Books are high quality, publisher editions
  • Readers won’t get frustrated or bored with on, above and below level packs. Teachers can send the right level books home with each student.
  • Can be customized for schools/districts, including Spanish titles
  • Also available for grades 7-12 (without workbooks)
Grade 3 books

We Make it Easy!

Purchase our Take Home Packs or contact a Literacy Accounts Manager who can create a custom take home solution for your school, including Spanish titles. You can even buy the workbooks alone to send home with your classroom library books, replace damaged or lost workbooks for students or use them in the classroom.

If you have questions about our Take Home Reading & Literacy Packs or would like to place an order, contact your Booksource Literacy Accounts Manager at [email protected].