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How to Supplement Your Reading Intervention Program with Trade Books

Booksource and our Market Insights Specialist, Melissa Reif, hosted a webinar to look at the power of trade books to motivate and engage striving readers. In our educational webinar, we shared research on the link between book access and achievement, provided practical ideas and giveaways to help foster engagement among below level readers and highlighted strategies and effective practices using authentic literature to get your striving readers engaged and reading!

Have You Been Awarded a Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant?

The Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) discretionary grants are designed to create a comprehensive literacy program to advance literacy skills—including pre-literacy skills, reading and writing—for students from birth through grade 12. Grants have been awarded to 11 states: Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana. As a classroom literature provider for schools and districts across the country, Booksource is uniquely positioned to help educators in these states build a strong literacy program complete with the book access and choice that all students need to become motivated, skilled and confident readers.

Maximize Your Striving Readers Literacy Grant with Help from Booksource


Struggling readers need books they can read—accurately, fluently and with strong comprehension—in their hands all day long in order to exhibit maximum educational growth.

–Dr. Richard Allington, Professor of Literacy Studies, University of Tennessee


No matter which reading intervention program your school selects to meet the qualifications of your SRLC grant, you will need to supplement with books that motivate students to read. For striving readers, the opportunity to build fluency and accuracy through books that reflect their interests is crucial. Booksource can help you find the right titles to engage students who read below grade level and provide professional development to help you use these books effectively in your classrooms.

Intervention Strategies for Struggling Readers

Learn why, in addition to a core intervention program, struggling readers need easy access to a wide variety of appealing books that motivate them to read.

Why Your Classroom Needs Hi-Lo Books

By offering high-interest content at lower reading levels, hi-lo books help struggling readers see reading as a bridge to learning more about topics that interest them.

Shop Our High/Low Collections

Our classroom literature experts have hand-selected these high-interest titles at the recommended Lexile ranges for students who find grade level books too difficult.

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