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Grade 1
Help your students become purposeful, active readers with mentor texts that offer strong opportunities to model and practice comprehension strategies. We’ve built collections around the following strategies: connecting, determining importance, inferring, predicting, questioning, summarizing, synthesizing and visualizing/imaging.
Comprehension Strategies Collection Grade 1 See All

Alligators And Crocodiles

Animals: Black And White

Arthur Writes A Story

At Night

Bats At The Library

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Connecting Grade 1 See All

Big Blue Whale

Biggest, Strongest, Fastest

Fairly Fairy Tales

Measuring Penny

Night Of The Gargoyles

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Determining Importance Grade 1 See All

Alligators And Crocodiles

Arthur Writes A Story

Feathers: Not Just For Flying

Important Book, The

Night Of The Gargoyles

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Inferring Grade 1 See All

Animals: Black And White


Clothesline Clues To Sports People Play

Curious George

Flower Garden

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Predicting Grade 1 See All

Empty Pot, The

Fix This Mess!

Fossils Tell Stories

Gentle Giant Octopus


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Questioning Grade 1 See All

Farfallina And Marcel

In The Dark Cave


Log's Life, A

My Name Is Yoon

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Summarizing Grade 1 See All

Bats At The Library

Boy Who Cried Ninja, The

Chicken Big

Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild

Nim And The War Effort

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Synthesizing (Farm Equipment) Grade 2 See All

Before We Eat: From Farm To Table

Big Tractor

Combine Harvesters

Food And Farming Then And Now

From Farm To Restaurant

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Synthesizing (Rainforests) Grade 1 See All

Do You Really Want To Visit A Rainforest?

In The Rainforest

Over In The Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme

Rain Forest Animal Adaptations

Rain Forest Food Chains

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Visualizing/Imaging Grade 1 See All

At Night

Hello Ocean

In A Nutshell

Night Driving

Seed Is Sleepy, A

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Comprehension Strategies Big Books Grade 1 See All

Curious George (Big Book)

Handa's Surprise (Big Book)

Leaf Man (Big Book)

Napping House (Big Book), The

Three Billy Goat's Gruff (Big Book), The