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Give striving readers the materials they need to improve their reading skills and become their own superheroes. Included are graphic novels and high-interest series to keep students engaged as they work toward becoming successful readers.
New High/Low Reads For Grades 9-12 See All

Another Miserable Love Song

Dark Truth, A

From Above

Marco Polo: Dangers And Visions


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Quick Picks For Reluctant Young Adult Readers 9-12 See All

Drag Teen


Exit, Pursued By A Bear

Geek's Guide To Unrequited Love, The

Haters, The

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Choices: Life Strategy Novels For Striving Readers See All

Break All Rules

Don't Get Caught


Friend Or Foe

No Exceptions

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Cutting Edge See All

Breaking Dawn

Finer Points Of Becoming Machine, The

Marty's Diary

Only Brother, The

Questions Within, The

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Disasters See All

Air Disasters

Deadly Storms


Environmental Disasters

Fire Disasters

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District 13 Series See All

Before The Snap

Down And Out

Fighting The Legend

Handoff, The

Hit Just Right

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Graphic U.S. History See All

America Becomes A World Power (1890-1930)

Americans Move Westward (1800-1850)

Before The Civil War (1830-1860)

Civil Rights Movement And Vietnam (1960-1976), The

Civil War (1850-1876), The

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Gravel Road See All

2 Days



Heart Like Ringo Starr, A

I'm Just Me

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High Interest Quickreads See All

Accuser, The


Blood And Basketball

Breaking Point

Danger On Ice

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Orca Soundings See All

Bike Thief

Breaking Point

Cuts Like A Knife

Dark Truth, A

Desert Slam

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Right Now! See All






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Tartan House See All

Dark Lens, The

Deep Water Hotel

Friend, The


Limbo's Diner

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Urban Underground: Cesar Chavez High School See All

Dark Secrets

Dark Suspicions


Guilt Trip

Hurting Time

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Urban Underground: Harriet Tubman High School See All

Boy Called Twister, A

Fairest, The

If You Really Loved Me

Like A Broken Doll

One For Me, The

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