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Grade 5
Booksource has selected titles at each grade level to meet a variety of Spanish language needs. 50 Spanish Classroom Favorites offer a balance of fiction and nonfiction, including some of our most popular titles and authors. Authentic Spanish Language collections contain titles from around the world, originally written in Spanish. Bilingual collections feature titles with both Spanish and English text presented in the same book to help support comprehension for students learning English.
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Alas De Mosca Para Angel (Angel Wings To Fly)

Amadis De Anis...Amadis Codorniz (Amadis Sweet...Amadis Salty)

Animales De La Jungla En Peligro (Endangered Animals Of The Jungle)

Animales Muy Normales (Very Normal Animals)

Anne Frank: Una Luz En La Oscuridad (Anne Frank: A Light In The Darkness)

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50 Spanish Language Classroom Favorites, Grade 5 See All

Beisbol En Abril Y Otras Historias (Baseball In April And Other Stories)

Bicicletas Y Tablas (Bikes And Boards)

Cadenas Y Redes Alimentarias (Food Chains And Webs)

Como Funcionan Los Juguetes (How Toys Work)

Como Funcionan Los Parques De Diversiones (How Amusement Parks Work)

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Grade Five Authentic Spanish Language Collection See All

Alas De Mosca Para Angel (Angel Wings To Fly)

Amadis De Anis...Amadis Codorniz (Amadis Sweet...Amadis Salty)

Azul Y Verde (Blue And Green)

De Que Color Es Tu Sombra (What Color Is Your Shadow?)

Dias De Clase (School Days)

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Grade Five Bilingual Collection See All

Case Of Pen Gone Missing / El Caso De La Pluma Perdida, The

Cesar Chavez: The Struggle For Justice / Cesar Chavez: La Lucha Por La Justicia

Coyote Under The Table / El Coyote Debajo De La Mesa, The

Curious You On Your Way! / Eres Curioso Todo El Tiempo!

Donkey Lady Fights La Llorona And Other Stories / La Senora Asno Se Enfrenta A La Llorona Y Otros Cuentos, The

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Spanish Language Top Ten Titles: 6 Packs, Grade 5 See All

14 Vacas Para America (14 Cows For America)

Devolver Al Remitente (Return To Sender)

Doble Fudge (Double Fudge)

El Abece Visual De Las Grandes Construcciones (The Illustrated Basics Of Great Buildings)

Ingenieria: Hazanas Y Fracasos (Engineering: Feats And Failures)

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