Social Studies
From biography books to civics, colonial revolution to children with challenges books, Booksource has collections designed with your third to sixth grade social studies curriculum in mind.
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C3 Standards See All

Civics: Grades 3-5

Economics: Grades 3-5

Geography: Grades 3-5

History: Grades 3-5

General Social Studies See All

Character Education Grades 3-6

Financial Literacy Grades 3-6

Social Justice Grades 3-6

Diversity Collections See All

Contemporary Multicultural Perspectives Grades 3-6

Diverse Biographies Grades 3-6

Diverse Characters: Central Presence Grades 3-6

Embracing Differences Grades 3-6

Holidays Around The World Grades 3-6

History See All

American Revolution Grade 3-6, The

Civil Rights Movement Grades 3-6, The

Civil War & Slavery Grades 3-6

Colonial America Grades 3-6

Great Depression Grades 3-6, The

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