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Turtleback Books

Booksource teams up with Turtleback Books® to provide long-lasting, library-bound editions of the most popular titles in your classroom.

Turtleback transforms paperbacks into sturdy, hardcover editions that stand up to the heavy use associated with classrooms, resulting in dramatic cost savings over time. Turtleback guarantees its binding for workmanship and quality of materials for the life of the book.

Turtleback works with many publishers to bind titles primarily available only in paperback. With thousands of titles in stock and ready to ship, Turtleback can meet fast turnaround times for arrival to your school.

Turtleback can also create library-bound editions for almost any paperback title when ordered in quantities of 10 copies or more.

For information about pricing and availability of Turtleback titles, call Booksource at 800.444.0435.