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Grade 4
These collections of books are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards performance expectations. These titles were carefully selected to address key concepts such as the impact of humans on their local environment, patterns in behavior that help animal offspring survive, geoscience processes that have changed the Earth's surface.
NGSS Grade 4 Complete See All

Amazing Light

Clean Energy

Design Thinking

Earth Materials: The Mystery Rocks

Earth's Rock Cycle

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NGSS Grade 4 Energy See All

Finding Out About Hydropower

How Fast Is Fast?: Science Projects With Speed

Matter And Energy: Finding The Power

Transfer Of Energy, The

NGSS Grade 4 Waves See All

Amazing Light

Eye: How It Works

Light In The Real World

Pioneers Of Light And Sound

Sound Waves

NGSS Grade 4 From Molecules To Organisms See All

Eye To Eye: How Animals See The World

Feathers: Not Just For Flying

Traits For Survival

Your Mind-Bending Brain And Networking Nervous System

NGSS Grade 4 Earth's Place In The Universe See All

Earth Materials: The Mystery Rocks

Earth's Rock Cycle

Fossils And Rocks

Researching Rocks

NGSS Grade 4 Earth's Systems See All

Examining Erosion

Look At Erosion And Weathering, A

Soil Erosion And How To Prevent It

Uncovering Earth's Crust

NGSS Grade 4 Earth & Human Activity See All

Clean Energy

Electricity For The Future

Energy From Living Things: Biomass Energy

Science Of A Hurricane, The

Science Of An Earthquake, The

NGSS Grade 4 Engineering Design See All

Design Thinking

Energy Experiments Using Ice Cubes, Springs, Magnets, And More: One Hour Or Less Science Experiments

Petroleum Engineer

STEM Jobs In Music