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General Science
Booksource offers a variety of collections covering science topics. With publisher series, as well as series focused on popular concepts and themes, you will find something here to support your science curriculum.
Animal Adaptations Grades K-2 See All

Creature Features: Twenty-Five Animals Explain Why They Look The Way They Do

Fur And Feathers

How And Why Do Animals Adapt?

Nifty Noses Up Close

Ocean Animal Adaptations

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Animal Science See All

Deadly! The Truth About The Most Dangerous Creatures On Earth

Extreme Animals

Just The Right Size

Talk, Talk, Squawk!

What's Eating You?

Animals Preschool See All

Bark Park

Blue Sea

Egg Is Quiet, An

Gentle Giant Octopus

Ice Bear: In The Steps Of The Polar Bear

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Caring For The Environment -- Preschool See All

10 Things I Can Do To Help My World

All The Water In The World

Compost Stew

I Love Our Earth


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Computer Use & Safety Grades K-2 See All

Berenstain Bears' Computer Trouble, The

How Can I Be A Good Digital Citizen?

How Can You Use A Computer?

I Can Play A Computer Game

I Can Use An App

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Conservation Of Endangered Species Grades K-2 See All

Be The Change For The Environment

Eye Of The Whale: A Rescue Story, The

How Can We Save The Cheetah? A Problem And Solution Text

Most Endangered Animals In The World, The

Parrots Over Puerto Rico

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Cutting Edge Technology Grades K-2 See All


Bridget And Bo Build A Blog

Helper Robots

How Do Space Vehicles Work?

I Can Use An App

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Electricity And Magnetism -- Elementary See All

All About Magnetism

All Charged Up: A Look At Electricity

Attract And Repel: A Look At Magnets


Electricity: Bulbs, Batteries, And Sparks

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Food & Nutrition Preschool See All

Before We Eat: From Farm To Table

Can I Eat That?

Eating The Alphabet: Fruits And Vegetables From A To Z


How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?

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Fossils Grades K-2 See All

Dino Treasures

Dinosaur World


Fossils Tell Of Long Ago

Fossils Tell Stories

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Habitats Grades K-2 See All

Baby Animals Of The Frozen Tundra

Backyard Habitats

Day And Night In The Desert, A

Do You Really Want To Visit A Wetland?

Grassland Habitat, A

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I Wonder Why Series See All

I Wonder Why Greeks Built Temples

I Wonder Why Penguins Can't Fly

I Wonder Why Snakes Shed Their Skin And Other Questions About Reptiles

I Wonder Why The Sahara Is Cold At Night And Other Questions About Deserts

I Wonder Why The Sea Is Salty And Other Questions About The Oceans

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Insects, Bugs And Spiders -- Elementary See All

Beetle Book, The

Bug Out! The World's Creepiest, Crawliest Critters

Bugs Are Insects

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

Busy As A Bee

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Inventions Grades K-2 See All

Boy Who Invented TV, The

Earmuffs For Everyone! How Chester Greenwood Became Known As The Inventor Of Earmuffs

George Washington Carver

I Is For Idea: An Inventions Alphabet

Incredible Inventions

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Inventors And Scientists -- Elementary See All

Ada Lovelace, Poet Of Science: The First Computer Programmer

Boy Who Invented TV, The

Earmuffs For Everyone! How Chester Greenwood Became Known As The Inventor Of Earmuffs

George Washington Carver

Into The Deep: The Life Of Naturalist And Explorer William Beebe

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Life Cycles -- Elementary See All

Acorn To Oak Tree

Bean's Life, A

Born To Be A Butterfly

Frog's Life, A

From Tadpole To Frog

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Life Cycles Preschool See All

Are You A Bee?

Are You A Dragonfly?

Bear Hug

Caterpillar To Butterfly

Dandelion Seed, The

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Mechanical Engineering & How Things Work Grades K-2 See All

Career Day With An Engineer, A

Engineers Build Models

How Do Helicopters Work?

How Does A Light Bulb Work?

How Engineers Find Solutions

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Ocean Life -- Elementary See All

Colorful Coral Reefs


Gentle Giant Octopus

I Wonder Why The Sea Is Salty And Other Questions About The Oceans

In The Sea

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Personal Care And Hygiene -- Preschool See All

Berenstain Bears Come Clean For School, The

Curious George Discovers Germs

Eating Right

Felicity Floo Visits The Zoo

Germs Make Me Sick!

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Physical Science -- Elementary See All

Give It A Push! Give It A Pull! A Look At Forces


How Does Sound Change?

Is It Natural Or Human-Made?

Melting And Freezing

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Physical Science Preschool See All

All About Light

Day Light, Night Light

I Use Simple Machines

Moonbear's Shadow

Motion: Push And Pull, Fast And Slow

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Plants & Nature Preschool See All

Curious Garden, The


Fruit Is A Suitcase For Seeds, A

Grandpa's Garden

How A Seed Grows

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Prehistoric Life -- Elementary See All

Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur World



Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs

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Science Preschool See All


Curious George Discovers The Sun

Day And Night

Explore My World Planets

Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs

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Scientific Method & Process Grades K-2 See All

Analyze It!

How Do We Measure Matter?

Kid's Book Of Simple Everyday Science, The

Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved A Mystery That Baffled All Of France

Pirate, Viking & Scientist

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Scientists And Inventors Grades K-2 See All

Boy Who Invented TV, The

Henry Ford: Putting The World On Wheels

Manfish: A Story Of Jacques Cousteau

Mr. Ferris And His Wheel

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein

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Seasons Preschool See All

Animals In Fall

Curious George Discovers The Seasons


Firefly July: A Year Of Very Short Poems

First Snowfall, The

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Senses & Body Awareness See All

From Head To Toe

Hands Can

Hello Ocean

I Spy In The Sky (Board Book)

I'm Growing!

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Seymour Simon -- Elementary See All

Animals Nobody Loves

Crocodiles And Alligators



Global Warming

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Simple Machines -- Elementary See All

How Do You Lift A Lion?

I Use Simple Machines

Pressing Down: The Lever

Pull, Lift, and Lower: A Book About Pulleys

Pulling Up: The Pulley

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Space Exploration Grades K-2 See All


Eight Days Gone

Into Space

Laika: Astronaut Dog

One Giant Leap

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STEM Careers Grades K-2 See All


Career Day With An Engineer, A

Doctor's Tools, A

From Empty Lot To Building

How Engineers Find Solutions

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Steve Jenkins See All

Actual Size

Down, Down, Down: A Journey To The Bottom Of The Sea

Egg: Nature's Perfect Package

Eye To Eye: How Animals See The World

Flying Frogs And Walking Fish

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Water Cycle Preschool See All

Flow Of Water, The

It's Raining!


Raindrops Roll

Save Water Every Day

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Women In Science Grades K-2 See All

Ada Byron Lovelace And The Thinking Machine

Jane Goodall

Life In The Ocean: The Story Of Oceanographer Sylvia Earle

Look Up! Henrietta Leavitt, Pioneering Woman Astronomer

Mae Jemison

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