General Math
With a combination of math titles gathered to support key math concepts, as well as some of our favorite math series, you will be able to find something here to support your math instruction.
Counting & Numbers Grades 3-6 See All

Count Me A Rhyme

Counting Change

Fun With Roman Numerals

Great Estimations

Millions, Billions, & Trillions: Understanding Big Numbers

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Counting & Numbers Grades K-2 See All

12 Ways To Get To 11

Bear Counts

Big Fat Hen

Counting By: Fives

Counting In The Desert 1-2-3

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Fractions Grades 3-6 See All

Ancient Formula: A Mystery With Fractions, The

Fabulous Fractions: Games, Puzzles, And Activities That Make Math Easy And Fun

Fraction Fun

How Do They Make That? Fractions, Decimals, And Percents

Math In The Kitchen: Fractions

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Fractions Grades K-2 See All

Apple Fractions

Charlie Piechart And The Case Of The Missing Pizza Slice

Doorbell Rang, The

Each Orange Had 8 Slices

Fraction's Goal - Parts Of A Whole, A

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Greg Tang's Math Books See All

Best Of Times: Math Strategies That Multiply, The

Grapes Of Math: Mind-Stretching Math Riddles, The

Math Fables: Lessons That Count

Math For All Seasons

Math-terpieces: The Art Of Problem-Solving

Measurement Grades 3-6 See All

Beanstalk: The Measure Of A Giant

Cut Down To Size At High Noon

Field Of Play: Measuring Distance, Rate, And Time

How Do You Measure Length And Distance?

Librarian Who Measured The Earth, The

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Measurement Grades K-2 See All

After School: Nonstandard Measurement

How Do We Measure Matter?

How Long Or How Wide? A Measuring Guide

Inch By Inch

Just Enough Carrots

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Patterns Grades K-2 See All

A-B-A-B-A: A Book Of Pattern Play

Can You Make A Pattern?

Games Are Fun: Patterns

Pair Of Socks, A


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Shapes & Geometry Grades 3-6 See All

Ed Emberley's Picture Pie

Geometry: It's Easy

Shape Up!

Shapes In Art

Sir Cumference And The Great Knight Of Angleland

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Shapes & Geometry Grades K-2 See All

Circle Dogs

I See Circles

I See Stars

My Toys Have Shapes

Perfect Square

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