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A quality S.T.E.M. foundation is an important component of every student's education. The Spanish S.T.E.M. libraries will inspire future innovators, excite students about S.T.E.M. topics, and inform all learners about how the world works. Newly published titles that provide cross-disciplinary learning opportunities are included.
Grade Five S.T.E.M. Collection (Spanish) See All

Ciudades Salvajes (Wild Cities)

Como Los Humanos Dependen De La Tierra (How Do Humans Depend On Earth)

Como Puedo Experimentar Con...La Luz? (How Can I Experiment With...Light?)

El Abece Visual De Los Insectos (The Illustrated Basics Of Insects)

George Washington Carver: Sembrar Ideas (George Washington Carver: Planting Ideas)

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Grade Four S.T.E.M. Collection (Spanish) See All

Animales De La Jungla En Peligro (Endangered Animals Of The Jungle)

Cadenas Y Redes Alimentarias (Food Chains And Webs)

Ciencia Del Parque De Recreo (Playground Science)

Como Puedo Experimentar Con...La Luz? (How Can I Experiment With...Light?)

Construir Casas Verdes (Build It Green)

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Grade Three S.T.E.M. Collection (Spanish) See All

Combustibles Fosiles (Fossil Fuel)

Como Crecen Las Plantas? (How Do Plants Grow?)

Como Funcionan Los Ecosistemas (How Ecosystems Work)

El Abece Visual De Las Grandes Construcciones (The Illustrated Basics Of Great Buildings)

El Abece Visual De Plantas Y Flores (The Illustrated Basics Of Plants And Flowers)

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