Grade 4
Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards performance expectations, these titles address key concepts in the grade 4 standards and will support your science instruction.
NGSS Grade 4 Complete See All

Adventures In Sound With Max Axiom, Super Scientist

Amazing Light

Biomass: Fueling Change

Brain: Our Nervous System, The

Clean Energy

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NGSS Grade 4 Earth & Human Activity See All

Biomass: Fueling Change

Clean Energy

Electricity For The Future

Science Of A Hurricane, The

Science Of An Earthquake, The

NGSS Grade 4 Earth's Place In The Universe See All

Earth Materials: The Mystery Rocks

Earth's Rock Cycle


Rocks, Minerals, And Soil

NGSS Grade 4 Earth's Systems See All

Examining Erosion

Investigating Landforms

Learning About Rocks, Weathering, And Erosion With Graphic Organizers

Soil Erosion And How To Prevent It

NGSS Grade 4 Energy See All

Adventures In Sound With Max Axiom, Super Scientist

Finding Out About Hydropower

How Fast Is Fast?: Science Projects With Speed

Matter And Energy: Finding The Power

NGSS Grade 4 Engineering Design See All

Design Thinking

Energy Experiments Using Ice Cubes, Springs, Magnets, And More: One Hour Or Less Science Experiments

Petroleum Engineer

STEM Jobs In Music

NGSS Grade 4 From Molecules To Organisms See All

Brain: Our Nervous System, The

Eye To Eye: How Animals See The World

Feathers: Not Just For Flying

Traits For Survival

NGSS Grade 4 Waves See All

Amazing Light

Eye: How It Works

Light In The Real World

Pioneers Of Light And Sound

Sound Waves