Booksource has gathered a selection of favorite high-interest, low-reading-level series to meet the needs of striving readers.
Claudia Cristina Cortez See All

Advice About Friends: Claudia Cristina Cortez Uncomplicates Your Life

Advice About School: Claudia Cristina Cortez Uncomplicates Your Life

Beach Blues: The Complicated Life Of Claudia Cristina Cortez

Boy Trouble: The Complicated Life Of Claudia Cristina Cortez

Dance Trap: The Complicated Life Of Claudia Cristina Cortez

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George Brown, Class Clown See All

'Snot Funny!

Attack Of The Tighty Whities!

Dance Your Pants Off!

Eww! What's On My Shoe?

Revenge of the Killer Worms

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Goosebumps See All

Attack Of The Graveyard Ghouls

Blob That Ate Everyone, The

Deep Trouble

Ghost Beach

Ghost Next Door, The

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Goosebumps HorrorLand See All

Birthday Party Of No Return, The


Creep From The Deep

Help! We Have Strange Powers!

Little Shop Of Hamsters

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Graphic Spin See All

Beauty And The Beast (Graphic Adaptation)

Cinderella (Graphic Adaptation)

Hansel And Gretel (Graphic Adaptation)

Jack And The Beanstalk (Graphic Adaptation)

Legend Of Johnny Appleseed (Graphic Adaptation), The

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Jon Scieszka -- Intermediate See All

Guys Read: Funny Business

Guys Read: Other Worlds

It's All Greek To Me

Knights Of The Kitchen Table, The

Knucklehead: Tall Tales And Almost-True Stories Of Growing Up Scieszka

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Katie Kazoo See All

Anyone But Me

Doggone It

Flower Power

Get Lost!

Girls Don't Have Cooties

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Katie Woo See All

Best Club, The

Big Lie, The

Cartwheel Katie

Katie And The Fancy Substitute

Katie Saves The Earth

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Melvin Beederman, Superhero See All

Attack Of The Valley Girls

Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underpants, The

Curse Of The Bologna Sandwich, The

Fake Cape Caper, The

Grateful Fred, The

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Orca Currents See All

Ace's Basement

Bad Business



Cabin Girl

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Orca Echoes See All

Bagels Come Home

Flood Warning

Great Garage Sale, The

Justine McKeen, Bottle Throttle

Mystery Of The Missing Luck

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Orca Sports See All

Above All Else

Betting Game

Break Point

Cobra Strike

Edge Of Flight

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Origami Yoda See All

Darth Paper Strikes Back

Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus

Princess Labelmaker To The Rescue!

Secret Of The Fortune Wookiee, The

Strange Case Of Origami Yoda, The

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Red Rhino Books See All

Body Switch

Cat Whisperer, The

Clan Castles

Code, The

Fish Boy

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Sports Illustrated Kids: Graphic Novels See All

Avalanche Freestyle

Battle For Home Plate

End Zone Thunder

Full Court Pressure

Kickoff Blitz

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Swindle See All






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Weenies Stories See All

Attack Of The Vampire Weenies

Battle Of The Red Hot Pepper Weenies And Other Warped And Creepy Tales, The

Beware The Ninja Weenies

Curse Of The Campfire Weenies, The

In The Land Of The Lawn Weenies

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