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Pam Allyn Diversity Collections
A truly great book collection is both a window onto the world and a mirror reflecting the reader back to oneself. The child reading across many texts, and the classroom community reading these texts together, will become deeply connected to the reading experience by journeying through diverse perspectives and cultures. In this way, every child will feel a true part of the 21st century global world.--Pam Allyn
Contemporary Multicultural Perspectives Grades 3-6 See All

Amadi's Snowman

Dog Days

Great Wall Of Lucy Wu, The

Lailah's Lunchbox

What A Wonderful World

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Diverse Biographies Grades 3-6 See All

Amazing Travels Of Ibn Battuta, The

Diego Rivera: His World And Ours

El Chino

Frederick Douglass And The North Star

Nasreen's Secret School: A True Story From Afghanistan

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Diverse Characters: Central Presence Grades 3-6 See All

Dream On, Amber

Family Under The Bridge, The

Great Greene Heist, The

Lunch Thief, The

Moon Runner

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Diverse Families Grades 3-6 See All

Gaby, Lost And Found

Half A World Away

Lucy's Family Tree

Never Say Die

One Crazy Summer

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Embracing Differences Grades 3-6 See All

Drita, My Homegirl



Lailah's Lunchbox

Let's Talk About Race

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Embracing The Beauty Of Language Grades 3-6 See All

Crossover, The

DeShawn Days

Ellington Was Not A Street


If It Rains Pancakes: Haiku And Lantern Poems

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Global Settings Grades 3-6 See All

Amadi's Snowman

Composition, The

Librarian Of Basra: A True Story From Iraq, The

Long Walk To Water, A

Nasreen's Secret School: A True Story From Afghanistan

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Holidays Around The World Grades 3-6 See All

All Different Now: Juneteenth, The First Day Of Freedom

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Day Of The Dead

Holidays Around The World: Celebrate Easter

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Immigrant Experience Grades 3-6, The See All

Any Small Goodness: A Novel Of The Barrio

Brave Girl: Clara And The Shirtwaist Makers' Strike Of 1909

Gaby, Lost And Found

Half A World Away

Lotus Seed, The

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Living Between Identities Grades 3-6 See All


Gift For Gita, A

Gold-Threaded Dress, The

Home Of The Brave

In The Year Of The Boar And Jackie Robinson

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Memories Of Childhood Grades 3-6 See All

Crow Call

Grandfather's Journey

Letters To Leo

Matchbox Diary, The

Meaning Of Maggie, The

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Relationships Across Cultures Grades 3-6 See All

14 Cows For America

Abraham Lincoln And Frederick Douglass: The Story Behind An American Friendship

Freedom Summer

Iggie's House

Jericho Walls

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